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Karen Whitefield loves to read, write and nap. Find her at true marriage stories [dot com]. Zombieing is one of the latest terms to be added to the dating lexicon. You've probably heard of ghosting, which is when a guy stops responding to your messages—in other words, he just disappears into thin air, like a ghost!

Zombieing Is The Dating Trend That’s Spookier Than Ghosting

Zombie Dating - Zombieing: the latest disposable dating trend and how to handle it

You'd think all the dating trends that could possibly exist would do by now: ghosting , benching , haunting , breadcrumbing, negging , the list is endless. You may have even found yourself in a situationship. And now there's a new ish one, yay for another way to be treated like a mug by people you date! Enter: zombieing.

What Is Zombieing? Here's How It's Different From Ghosting

You just finished off a glass of wine and changed from your daytime sweats into your nighttime sweats. You think it could be a text from that cute Hinge dude you were talking to earlier, but nope. And before you go on your tirade about making loaves of banana swirl bread and sourdough, you remember this dude took you on eight dates, left a toothbrush in your bathroom, ran you to the emergency room when you broke your wrist…and then ghosted you.
Maybe you've been there: You're dating someone for a while and he or she disappears, only to return a few months later, seemingly out of the blue, with a sly text, "Hey, how have you been? Gandhi has also heard it referred to as haunting. In an age where potential partners are easy to find — thanks, Tinder!
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