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They include professors Corcoran , who created several artificial universes in isolated lockers ; Decantor , who created an immortal soul , Zazul , who cloned himself and was apparently killed by the clone who took his place; Diagoras , who created progressing makes of an "independent and self-perfecting device that is capable of spontaneous thought " and was unwittingly used by the two of them as a communication medium; doctor Vliperdius , a robot doctor who runs an asylum for mentally ill robots; [nb 1] and professor A. Professor mathematician Ammon Lymphater from the short story " Lymphater's Formula " after studying the biology of ants devised and constructed "It" capable of instant precognition of everything within "Its" rapidly expanding perception range. Realizing that the Superentity "It" renders the human civilization redundant and obsolete, Lymphater destroys "It". Physicist Molteris short story Fizyk Molteris invented a time machine and died during time travel forward, oblivious to the fact that he will age with time. Some of these professors and some more unnamed ones, in words of Peter Swirski , strove to "inflict social panacea on entire populations", a part of Lem's philosophical analysis of social engineering.

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The company initially tried a number of ideas for content, including being a directory of information about Chicago. Bomis created Nupedia as a free online encyclopedia with content submitted by experts but it had a tedious, slow review process. The non-profit Wikimedia Foundation began in with a board of trustees composed of Bomis' three founders Wales, Davis, and Shell [17] and was first headquartered in St. Petersburg, Florida , [18] Bomis' location. Jimmy Wales left a study track at Indiana University as a PhD candidate to work in finance before completing his doctoral dissertation.
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